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1. The first step is to excavate openings at a non-freezing depth of 90 cm at a spacing of 205 cm and cut with a tensioned cc 20 cm above the existing terrain of the entire fence building concrete fence.

2. The second step is to place the first concrete column in the opening, which we export and coat with a semi-dry concrete mix
3. The third step is to insert the side of the concrete slab into the groove of the column, expose it and export the plane of the concrete fence

4. The fourth step is to gradually add additional concrete slabs to the final height.
5. The fifth step is the folding of a continuous column and we can continue to construct another concrete field of concrete slab

6. The resulting fence field


Types of concrete fences

  • The top plate is flat

  • Top plate radius

  • Top plate grid


The principle of a concrete fence

Concrete fences are not only protective but also nice, simple, resistant to frost and weather conditions.

  • Concrete slab (200 cm × 50 cm × 4.5 cm)

  • Concrete column,

  • Concrete end column.

The principle is simple: between the two continuous columns vertically inserting the concrete slab and at the end of the fence between the intermediate and the end column.



Important information - do not miss:

1. The material is packed on pallets for transport, the pallet dimensions are:

  • Pallet with concrete slabs - 200 x 120 cm

  • Palette with concrete pillars on the fence 1.0 m - 165 x 80 cm

  • Pallet with concrete pillars on a fence 1.5 m - 220 x 80 cm

  • Palette with concrete pillars on a fence 2,0 m - 275 x 80 cm

  • Palette with concrete pillars on a fence 2,5 m - 340 x 80 cm

2. Weights of individual components:

  • Plate Straight - 75 kg

  • Radius plate - 85 kg

  • Skirting board - 40 kg

  • Fence post 1.5 m - 50 kg

  • Fence post 2,0 m - 70 kg

  • Corner column for a fence 2,0 m - 110 kg

3. For pallet unloading, a forklift or crane with a load capacity of 2 t is required.


4. If necessary, it is possible to fit the fence to the exact length, the plates can be cut to the desired width by flexion.


5. The length of the groove on the pillar always corresponds to the desired height of the fence, for example a stair height of 2.0 m is used by columns 2.75 m long, of which 2.0 m is the clear height of the pillar with the groove and 0.75 m is the concrete


6. fences 1.25 m height, 1.75 m and 2.25 m are used spacers 1.5 m, 2.0 m and 2.5 m when mounting the sleeves shortened and instead the high 50 cm plate using the plate plinth


7. Plot can be built into the arc and the slope.


8. The soil is not suitable for the concrete fence, in this case it is recommended to build a concrete foundation at the height of the load and to fit the fence into it.


9. There is a steel reinforcement in each concrete component.


10. This is our own production.